Skills assessment for Australia

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Skills assessment for Australia

A skills assessment is how Australian Immigration decides you’re a ‘skilled person’ for visa purposes. Australia’s skilled visa programme aims to bring overseas talent into the country. It identifies what skilled occupations Australia requires, and then sets a standard for those applying.

For example, if you’re applying for a visa based on your occupation of carpenter, a skills assessment will determine that your qualifications and/or work experience is suitable against an Australian carpenter.

A skills assessment is proof you have the relevant skills for a visa to live and work in Australia.

Do I need a skills assessment?

Most likely! A skills assessment is the first step in applying for a skilled visa – subclasses 189, 190 and 491. You can learn more about Australian skilled visas on our dedicated webpage.

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If you’re applying for an employer sponsored visa, then a skills assessment creates the opportunity for permanent residency. In our experience, it also improves your chances of securing a job as you’re proving to the employer your skills are recognised in Australia.

skills assessment for Australia

Lastly, if you’re a licensed trade then you must complete a skills assessment. To work in Australia as a licensed trade, you must hold a state license. The skills assessment is the first part of completing your Australian licensing. A includes electricians and plumbers.

Essentially, if you want to live in Australia on a long-term basis, you need a positive skills assessment. If you’re a licensed professional, you should check Australian licensing requirements to see if a skills assessment is needed.

How do I compete a skills assessment?

Your occupation determines how your skills are assessed, and who to apply to. Some occupations have multiple skill assessing bodies, so it’s important to do your research. Another pitfall is some skills assessments will issue ‘deeming dates’ on their outcome letters. Failure to provide the correct documents can dramatically reduce the work experience you can claim later in the visa process. This can be the difference of securing a visa and not. skills assessment for Australia

Professional occupations are generally document-based assessments. This includes a review of your qualification/s, ID documents and an application form. Some assessing bodies require evidence of English language ability too. For example, nurses and teachers.

At Visa Go Australia we offer a skills assessment only service. If you’re not ready to apply for a long-term visa and want to increase your employability, this service is an excellent option.

Trade occupations tend to be assessed in 2-3 parts. This includes a document assessment, technical interview and practical interview. Exact requirements depend on the skill assessing body and occupation you’re applying under.

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