Economists reported that Australia’s unemployment rate has fallen to a four-year low. Figures show that the unemployment rate was just 5.5% in September this year which is the lowest rate since March 2013. According to Nine News, more than 4,000 new jobs are created in Western Sydney every month alone.

The increase in jobs has been the primary reason for unemployment rates falling. In Australia, job vacancies have continued to steadily increase and are now at the highest they’ve been in five years. With the demand for skilled workers in Australia increasing it’s a great time to think about migrating.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics jobs survey, healthcare has been the biggest source of additional employment vacancies. If you work in the healthcare industry and would like to migrate to Australia then complete our free online skilled visa assessment here.

Another expanding industry is construction, with approvals to build new homes climbing to a 7-month high in September. The housing construction boom is great news for trades workers as more jobs are being generated to meet the demand. Furthermore it’s good for the economy with boosted sales of furniture and electronics. If you are a skilled trades person who would like to migrate to Australia, why not explore your visa options today.

In Western Australia the economy is bouncing back from recent struggles, and engineers are once more in high demand. The state has added 20,000 jobs since the start of the 2017.

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