Australian Visa Webinars

In light of COVID, we have taken our events online to continue delivering free migration advice.

Our webinars are unique in that you will receive visa advice from a Registered Migration Agent only. Moreover, we will keep our webinars factual, punctual and to-the-point.

A webinar for Teachers emigrating to Australia

If you are a teacher interested in taking your career to Australia, then these events are for you!

WATCH OUR LAST WEBINAR (FEB 2024) HERE: Teach in Australia Webinar Feb 2024 – Visa Go Australia (

Join our Migration Agent Darren Chatt and an ANZUK recruiter for an informative session.

Join us via Zoom. You can find our current webinar details here.

This one-hour event will include an update on Australia’s current travel restrictions, and an insight into current visa options. We will include time to answer your questions at the end of the webinar.

During the webinar we will discuss topics such as:

  • What are my visa options to live and work in Australia?
  • What teaching qualification and registration do I need?
  • Can a school sponsor me?
  • Can I apply for a working holiday visa?

You will hear from ANZUK, who help teachers find jobs around the world. Moreover, our Migration Agent Darren Chatt will will be answering your questions about emigrating to Australia.

Join us for FREE!

A webinar for Electricians moving to Australia

We team up with Future Skills International to bring you webinars for electricians.

Learn about the electrician skills assessment, electrical licensing and visas options.

You can find our latest electrician webinar here.

A webinar for Relocation to Australia

If you are returning to Australia then this event is for you!

We join a range of professionals to deliver advice on the most common questions about relocating to Australia.

Our Case Processor Kimberley will be discussing Australian partner visas, offering expert advice and updating you on the current processing times.

Join us on Tuesday 9 November 2021 at 8pm.

Other topics include:

  • The current job market in Australia
  • Managing your finances, transferring money and pensions
  • General advice on settling back into Australian life
  • The personal challenges and effects of COVID 19 and lockdown
  • Useful insights and tips for self isolation and flights to Australia

This event is FREE and you can register here: 


Registered Migration Agent Darren Chatt providing visa advice at the Australian High Commission, London

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