Australian Visa Webinars

In light of COVID, we have taken our events online and created a series of Australian Visa Webinars.

Our webinars are unique in that you will receive visa advice from a Registered Migration Agent only. Moreover, we will keep our webinars factual, punctual and to-the-point.

A webinar on COVID-19 and Immigration to Australia

Thinking of migrating to Australia, but are unsure of your chances due to COVID?

Our Senior Registered Migration Agent Darren Chatt will be presenting a webinar around the impacts of the coronavirus has had on Australian visas, and what the short-term immigration future looks like.

Topics will include:

  • When you should apply for your visa
  • How COVID-19 impacts travelling to Australia – travel ban, visa cancellations and visa extensions
  • How to increase your chances of receiving a visa invitation
  • Visa processing time and expected delays
  • How to move forward with your visa application

Who is this webinar for?

Prospective migrants or those who are at the beginning of their visa journey.

*Please note this is a general update and we will not discuss your personal circumstances during the webinar. If you require an in-depth discussion you may wish to book a consultation.

How do I register?

Complete our online visa assessment, using one of the links below:

Email to express your interest and we will email you a Zoom link.

It is free to be included in this webinar.

We are in the process of confirming a date and time. The webinar is expected to run for 40 minutes.


Registered Migration Agent Darren Chatt providing visa advice at the Australian High Commission, London

In the meantime, why not book a consultation?

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