How to update passport details with Australian immigration

There are 3 simple ways to update passport details with Australian immigration. Why you should keep your passport updated It’s important that immigration has your current passport details. This is because Australian visas are electronically tagged to your passport. If you change your passport, then your visa will need to be added to your new […]

Skilled Visa Update October 2022

Want to live and work in Australia? Read our skilled visa update October 2022. Australian businesses need skilled people to fill jobs. Australia’s skilled visa programme and employer sponsorship opportunities reflect this! If you want to live and work in Australia, now is the perfect time! Arrange a visa consultation with our migration agent Skilled […]

Australia needs skilled workers – Get your free visa!

Australia has long relied on skilled worker to fill jobs and support their economy. In the wake of the pandemic the stats are clear – Australia needs skilled workers. Australia needs skilled workers As a result of the Covid pandemic, Australia faces massive labour shortages. The mass exodus of temporary visa holders and closed borders […]

Australian Travel Update – Border restrictions ease

The Government has announced an important Australian travel update. Australian Travel Update From 15 December 2021, Australia will open its borders to a number of fully vaccinated travellers. Since March 2020, Australia has enforced some of the world’s tightest border controls, including on its own citizens. Previously, only Australian citizens, permanent residents and immediate family […]

Have Australian borders reopened?

Have Australian borders reopened? Last week, news headlines ‘Australia is re-opening’ created excitement for many. Since March 2020, Australia has enforced some of the strictest border controls, separating families and disrupting social cohesion. There are many people wishing to both leave and enter Australia, and as we look closer at Australia’s announcement, we explain what […]

Visa Update

Follow this page for live visa updates from the Department of Home Affairs and our Visa Go Australia offices.   Live updates: Brisbane State Sponsorship – Program Status Update – The department is undertaking consultation within the Queensland Government to determine the requirements for the migration program for 2021-22. It is anticipated the program will […]

South Australian state sponsorship invitation and approval for one of our clients today

South Australian state sponsorship invitation and approval for one of our clients today! This was processed in less than 2 weeks and is the second approval for our clients this month. Read about the South Australian lifestyle here: