Are you an Australian business struggling to find suitable workers? If you’re considering hiring overseas workers, we can help.

Why use Visa Go Australia?

At Visa Go Australia we offer more than just recruitment. We streamline the whole process of finding and hiring overseas workers. This includes finding the best talent from overseas, and then processing their visa to get them into Australia as quickly as possible.

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service. By choosing Visa Go Australia, you can expect an experienced team and a personalised service. Top reasons to choose us include:

  • As a well-established migration company, we have a highly engaged database of leads and social media followers.
  • Regular contact with our experienced Migration Agent Darren Chatt MARN:0211214. Darren will be available to you and your new employee to answer all visa and immigration questions, and to guide you on the correct visa path.
  • You will be appointed a dedicated client manager as your primary contact. This ensures a personal, timely and efficient service. They will be based in Western Australia.
  • Expect more than a job advert on our website! We work with you to create engaging and search engine optimized (SEO) content. This includes articles, social media posts, graphics and more.
  • Our fees are upfront and there are no hidden costs. Migration services in Australia start from $$$$. Our package includes recruitment, advertising and migration advice for $4,900.00 +GST. This is split into two payments, and we do not charge a percentage of the successful candidates salary. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service at an competitive industry price.

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Our services

As part of our service, you can expect:

  1. CV checking – we will check CV’s against the criteria you set, and contact references to confirm the candidates identity.
  2. Advertising – we will create job adverts, social media posts and SEO content to attract more candidates. This includes being featured in our monthly migration newsletter.
  3. Database – access our hundreds of quality leads and existing clients. These are people who have completed visa assessments, signed up to our monthly newsletter and followed our social media pages. We also have hundreds of existing clients going through the visa process.
  4. Employer sponsorship – our Migration Agent will set you up as an approved business sponsor. This allows you to sponsor overseas workers and access new talent pools.
  5. Visas – we will work with you and the employee to process the visa application for them and their family.

Hiring overseas workers

Why choose employer sponsorship

Benefits for the employer
  • Access to more skilled workers – overseas workers provide a whole new talent pool. Find the best people for your business, no matter where they’re located.
  • Employee loyalty – sponsoring an employee is a commitment. As part of their visa conditions, the employee must work for you. In most cases, overseas employees are excited by the opportunity to live and work in Australia. This builds a mutual respect and understanding.
  • Get overseas workers to Australia more quickly – employee sponsored visas have priority processing and are much quicker to be finalised than skilled visas. If you need an overseas worker, this sponsorship will get them to you within approximately 4-6 months.
  • Diversity – overseas employees bring new skills, experiences and talent to your company.
Benefits for the employee
  • A cheaper and quicker visa option – employer sponsorship visas cost less for the applicant than alternative skilled visas. It’s also processed three times more quickly.
  • Job security – having a job secured in Australia provides stability and eases money worries for a new migrant.
  • An amazing opportunity to live and work in Australia – some applicants may not qualify for a skilled visa. The offer of sponsorship may be their only opportunity to live in Australia.

If you’re considering hiring overseas workers please contact us today.

Hiring overseas workers


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