The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs publish global visa processing times monthly on their website. On 18 January 2018 the visa processing times were updated, showing a decrease in processing times for all skilled visas.

Two processing times are provided which indicate how long it’s taking to process 75% and 90% of applications submitted globally.

Processing times are for applications received globally. The current visa processing times are:

  • 189 : 5 to 8 months
  • 190 : 7 to 9 months
  • 489 : State – 5 to 8 months
  • 489 : Family – Unavailable due to low number of applications

The above processing times are from the date of visa lodgement and should be used as a guide only.

To keep up-to-date with current visa processing times (from lodgement) on the DHA website click here:

These timeframes are issued by the Department of Home Affairs and only they have control over how long it will take to finalise your visa application. The department will take the time they need to finalise your application in accordance with immigration rules, including carrying out the necessary checks.

It’s important that applicants do not make any irreversible decisions such as selling your house, quitting your job or making travel arrangements until your visa has been granted.