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Dairy Industry – Finding Skilled Dairy Farmers

Finding skilled dairy farmers

Are you a Dairy Farm looking for skilled workers? At Visa Go Australia we can help!

As a migration company, we help skilled workers migrate to Australia. We receive enquiries every day from skilled people wishing to emigrate. Moreover, we have the databases and contacts to bring you the best skilled dairy farmers. Our offices are in the UK and Western Australia.

At Visa Go Australia you can expect a personal and complete service. Unlike recruitment agents, we offer more affordable and tailored services. And the best part is we have an experienced migration agent to process all visa requirements for both employer and employee.

Finding skilled dairy farmers

How we can help you

Our migration agent Darren Chatt will guide you, the employer, through the required steps in sponsoring an overseas worker. Darren will help you set up as a business sponsor; this will enable you to sponsor skilled diary farmers.

Following this, Darren will work with the new employee to arrange their Australian visa. Once approved, your new dairy farmer can travel to Australia to begin working for you.

We also have resettlement companies which can help the employee with relocating to Australia. For example, pension transfer, money exchange, removals, pet shipping and more.

Visas for skilled dairy farmers

The Dairy Industry Labour Agreement lets you sponsor skilled overseas workers in the occupations of ‘Senior Dairy Cattle Farm Worker‘ and ‘Dairy Cattle Farm Operator’.

You can sponsor the worker for 1-4 years on a temporary basis and/or for permanent residency. The visa process will take approximately 4-6 months.

The visas you can sponsor the worker under include:

Finding skilled dairy farmers

Visa costs for the dairy farmer (employer)

The costs for the employer will vary depending on which visa you sponsor under, and how long the job is for. The costs for the employer are made up of:

  • Nomination fee
  • Skilling Australia Fund Levy
  • Standard Business Sponsorship

The visa lodgement fees can be paid by the employer or the employee. The applicant can include a spouse and children on their employer sponsored visa.

An example of the costs involved for our most recent dairy farm can be seen below.


AUD$ 3,035.00            Visa Lodgement Fee (per applicant over 18yo)
AUD$    330.00            Nomination Fee
AUD$ 3,600.00            Skilling Australia Fund Levy (3 years x A$1,200)



AUD$ 4,000.00 + GST          To process Dairy Industry Labour Agreement
AUD$ 1,500.00 + GST          Payable on Lodgement of Nomination
AUD$ 1,500.00 + GST          Payable for Lodgement of Visa


AUD$14,665.00        OVERALL TOTAL COST

Please contact us directly for a tailored breakdown of costs for your business.

Visa requirements for the skilled worker

The skilled worker must have competent English language. Depending on their country of passport, they may be required to complete a recognised English Language test.

Secondly, the nominated employee needs to have a minimum of 1-3 years’ work experience in dairy farming.

There is no age limit for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482). Depending on the region of your farm, applicants must be under 45 or 55 at time of applying for the 186 and 494 visa. For further details please contact us. Alternatively, you can view the Dairy industry labour agreement template (1477KB PDF).

Skilled Dairy Farming

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Is the employer sponsored visa for you?

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