Can I apply directly to the Australian Government?

Yes, however the purpose of the Australian Government department is to enforce immigration law and therefore they will not offer any assistance when applying for a visa. You will find basic guidelines on the official Government website; however there is no tailored advice available. The visa process can be challenging so if you do have questions it’s best to consult an experienced Registered Migration Agent.

Can I use internet forums to guide me through the visa process?

At some point during the process you will most likely discover the vast amount of Facebook groups and internet forums dedicated to migration. Whilst these forums can provide insight into Australian lifestyle and expat stories, you should proceed with caution when it comes to migration advice.

It’s important to remember that discussion amongst expats is very different to actual Australian Migration Law. Inaccurate migration advice can cause significant time delays, loss of money, visa refusals and bans. Using Visa-Go Emigration will save you time and money while offering you peace of mind.

Can I speed up the processing time of my visa application?

No. Each visa application is unique and will be processed as and when the department decides, meaning no one visa application will be given preferential treatment. You can make your visa application process smoother by ensuring that all relevant documents are uploaded as clear colour copies, and any requests from the case officer are met by the deadline provided.

You can check current global visa processing times here 

Why should I use a Registered Migration Agent to process my application?

Using a MARA Registered Agent can ensure you submit a full and correct visa application, saving you time and money. A good agent will identify the best visa pathway available for you, using their extensive knowledge of current Australian migration legislation. All MARA Agents are obligated to complete continual professional development each year to maintain their registration.

Registered Migration Agent Darren Chatt has been helping people with their visa applications for Australia and New Zealand since 2001, successfully supporting thousands of migrants with their journey Down Under. You can read more about Darren and check his registration here.

It is important to note that only an individual can be MARA registered – not a company – so ensure you are speaking with the MARA Registered Agent and not a sales person. Beware of some Migration Agents who lend their registration, name and reputation to other companies.