About Us

Visa-Go Emigration has been helping people with their visa applications for Australia and New Zealand since 2001, successfully supporting thousands of migrants with their journey Down Under. Registered Agent Darren Chatt will provide you with free, unbiased, no-obligation advice on which visa type and subclass best suits you, in accordance with current immigration law. Being fully informed from the start is paramount to a successful and stress-free application.

Managing Director Darren Chatt, originally from Bunbury in Western Australia, is a highly regarded Registered Migration Agent for both Australia and New Zealand, retaining memberships of MARA, MIA, IIA, IAA.



Consultations are available in our Edinburgh office. If you would like a face to face meeting to discuss your visa options and the emigration process in detail, please contact us on 0131 272 2719 and we will be happy to arrange an appointment with Registered Agent Darren Chatt.